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Event: Arthur's Day
Date: 26/09/2013
Venue: Various locations accross Dublin

Arthur Guinness - The Man behind The Brew

Arthurs Day 2013At precisely 17:59 Irish-time on Thursday 26th September, a toast will commence in cities across the world as glasses, mostly pint-sized, are raised to the memory of Arthur Guinness, the man who founded the Dublin brewery back in 1759. The fifth annual ‘Arthur’s Day’ celebrations may be another remarkable advertising coup by Guinness but, in an age when excuses for merry-making have been few, raising a pint to the creator of our most famous export is surely good for you!
The Guinness Brewery at St. James’s Gate in Dublin was established by Aurthur Guinness in 1759. In 2009, the 250th birthday of Guinness, Arthur's Day began! Since then, every year has seen an incredible lineup of Irish and international music stars raising a glass to Arthur in a series of intimate gigs in select venues and pubs across Ireland on a day of music and celebration. The tickets generally go on sale at the start of August and you can get to see some amazing artists at amazing prices. Even if you don't make it to an official paid in event, every pub in Dublin is packed. 

This is a guaranteed day of merriment and celebration in Dublin City - be sure your there to raise your glass at 17:59...TO ARTHUR!!!

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